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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Egyptians mourn massacred soccer fans

      Feb 1st 2012 turned into another bloodbath for many Egyptians. Instead of mourning those killed in the Battle of the Camels one year earlier, Egyptians witnessed yet another massacre! At least 73 Egyptian soccer fans were killed in a horrific bloodbath in the city of Port Said.

      There is enough evidence to suggest that this crime was not a soccer brawl as SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Minister of Interior would like the world to believe! Many witnesses say there was a clear absence of security forces since the start of the match. Others recall how the stadium lights were turned off, immediately following the end of the match. Thugs carrying knives, sticks and other weapons were allowed to make their way into the stadium, undisturbed. When the soccer fans tried to make their way down the stadium stairs towards the exit doors, they found all exit doors were locked and they were faced with thugs that beat them to death!

    This is a clear outrageous crime and someone must be held accountable! Presidential candidate Abdoul Moneim Aboul Fetouh points to SCAF as the murderers, and so do millions of angry Egyptians, who have put up with SCAF atrocities for one full year since Mubarak was ousted.

    What SCAF and the Ministry of Interior fail to realize is that, the more they inflict violence on the Egyptian people, the more united and committed the people are. Egyptians are so angry and so hurt by the injustice, by the lack of secuirty, the absence of fair trials and now they are even more furious.

   The streets of Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said, among other cities, have witnessed angry riots all morning. And it is probably just going to get uglier. In fact, less than an hour ago, protesters where clashing with security forces close to the Ministry of Interior. Tear gas was used in the clashes that are still ongoing.
   The question is, how many hundreds of innocent lives will SCAF sacrifice before they get the message that they are unwanted? How many more deaths and injuries will we have to put up with?

   This has got to stop!