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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Compiled list of Eltahawy reaction pieces

     When I examine comments in favor of Mona Eltahawy's Foreign Policy article, Why do they hate us? I notice that many of Eltahawy's fans think that Arab women who object and criticize her are the extreme few; maybe a handful of privileged women who know nothing about the Arab women's plight! While others assume that we Arab women are in denial and we just don't want to admit that we are immersed in oppression and hate.

     What is ironic here is that many of the comments attack the women who criticize Eltahawy's article in a way that (in my view) oppresses Arab women and muffles their voices as if they have no right to speak up and should be thankful that Eltahawy has spoken for them! So, just that we get this straight: Eltahawy's proponents are all for Arab women's freedom from so-called Arab men hatred, but these same proponents object when Arab women voice their own opinions on the matter?  I'd say that's ironic, undemocratic & outright oppressive!

     So, in an attempt to clarify to these enthusiasts that they might be wrong, I did my best to demonstrate that Arab women who took offense to Eltahawy's article deserve to be heard too. These are diverse women from various countries in the region, with diverse backgrounds, personalities, education and problems.

So, here's a comprehensive list of reaction articles and blog posts to Mona Eltahawy's Foreign Policy article Why do they hate us? Most of the pieces were written by Arab women, but I also include articles/posts by Arab men and foreign reporters following this story.


Foreign Policy: Debating the War on Women This includes six reaction pieces:

The Guardian: Do Arab men hate women? It's not that simple | Nesrine Malik

Jadaliyya: Let's talk about sex, Sherene Sikaly & Maya Mikdashi 

Phil Brennan: On Muslim-Arab Issues & the Danger of Aiding the Neo-Liberal Colonialist Agenda, Phil Brennan

Open Democracy: Hatred & Misogyny in the Middle East: A Response to Mona El Tahawy, Tom Dale

AlJazeera Stream: Article on women in the Middle East triggers debate

Global Voices: Do Arab Men Hate Women? Mona Eltahawy Faces Storm, Solana Larson

The Atlantic: The real roots of sexism in the Middle East (It's not Islam, Race or 'Hate'), Max Fisher

History News Network: The Real War on Muslim Women, Daniel Martin Varisco

Blog Posts

Samia Errazzouki: Dear Mona Eltahawy: You Do Not Represent "Us"

Dima Khatib: Love Not Hatred, Dear Mona!

Nahed Eltantawy: I don't really think they hate us!

Gigi Ibrahim: Mona, why do you hate us?

Roqayah Chamseddine: Us and Them: On Helpless Women and Orientalist Imagery 

Ayesha Kazmi: Oh Mona!

Mona Kareem: Why do they hate us? A blogger's response

Karim Malak: Case in point: Mona el Tahawy's FP article

Zeinboia: Us, them and breaking the stereotype!!

Jillian C. York: On Listening (A response to the Mona Eltahawy Criticism)

Dalia And El-Hameed: Get an Arab Woman to say it for You

Menna Adli El Keiy: "And a very special F... you darling," said the un-oppressed woman

Colonial Feminism: Dear Mona ElTahawy

Samar D. Jarrah:  عزيزتي مني, الحمل ثقيل, والهجوم كثيف, فلماذا زدتيه؟
Mohamed AbdelFattah: What 6 Egyptian women say about Mona Eltahawy

Omid Safi: The hypocrisy of the "Why they hate us" rhetoric of Muslim native informants

Hatem Rushdy: Mona Eltahawy, your facts are wrong and we don't hate women