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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't forget to turn off your cell phone tomorrow!!

switch your mobile off Friday 18/3 on Twitpic
  Many Egyptians are turning off their cell phones on Friday. Why?
 It's payback time!
During the Jan25 Revolution, Mubarak ordered all Internet and cell phone services off. This meant that Egyptians were not allowed to contact the outside world to reveal the bloody crimes being committed. But it also meant that many of the injured couldn't be saved because there was no fast way to call for help!
    Egyptian activist and blogger, Nawara Negm, wrote on her blog, "I will never forget that we couldn't call the ambulance on Kasr el-Nil bridge. Why? Why should these faces die so early?"
    I support this Friday payback day for cell phone companies across Egypt. There is no excuse for any one person, organization or country to support terrorism and the brutal killing of innocent people. What these companies did was wrong and they know it. Yet at the time, they blamed Mubarak. But why did they agree? Why did they cut off service for almost five days, preventing protesters from calling for urgent help to save those badly injured?
   I think cutting off phone service for one day is a small price to pay. But I wonder how officials who made the decision to cut off service can sleep at night, knowing that their move caused the death of many innocent civilians.

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  1. I completely agree, and this is one of the major reasons for my outrage towards companies that support these violations acting as if they are innocent bystanders, when they are participants of the violations. They are not fooling anyone, and it was extremely unethical, immoral and outright evil to turn off communications. Every single one of these companies should be out of business due to humanitarian concerns. We should make a list of the companies and refuse to give them a single dollar, no matter who they are, and no matter how inconvenient it may be. The violations were more than inconvenient to peaceful protesters, so I am willing to boycott 'any' company that has participated in these violations. Sincerely.