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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good news for Egypt's Jan 25 revolutionaries

So today's a happy day, because Prime Minister Essam Sharaf announced the end of Egypt's brutal State Security force.

Honestly, until I heard the news via Twitter, I was so pessimistic and depressed. The last few days have been frustrating, in terms of developments in Egypt. Here's a summary of what was depressing me over the past few days:
  • For one, the army has suddenly turned all brutal! They tortured some protesters on March 9th in the process of forcing people out of Tahrir Square. You'd think they'd come out and explain their actions, but no; they did no such thing!
  • Army is so quick to arrest and trial protesters fighting for freedom and democracy and yet they have taken no concrete steps to eradicate corrupt officials like Safwat el-Sherif, Zakaria Azmy or Fathi Serour. That's a very bad sign; it tells me that we're not getting rid of corruption and that these people still have power; lots of power it seems.
  • Violent clashes between Muslims and Christians in one Egyptian city ended with 13 dead and many others injured. So Muslims and Christians stood hand in hand all throughout our revolution and then this happens? Clearly it was a set up and sadly many people from both sides fell for it. Let's hope it never happens again and that the Tahrir spirit wins in the end.
  • Egyptian state television continues to spit out lies! I plead with every single Egyptian to boycott government television; it sucks big time!!! It is amazing how media professionals can sit and lie straight in your face without blinking! But it is our fault for giving them the chance; they don't deserve the attention, so stop watching, please!!!
  • There are a lot of rumors and conspiracies about the NDP corrupt officials who are still fighting the Egyptian Revolution and are trying to force their way back in power. And seeing that Serour, Azmy and El-Sherif are still sitting in their comfortable, luxurious homes, I can see that happening!
  • Constitutional referendum is coming up this weekend, and the amendments are horrible, yet some Egyptians are OK with the changes! I am afraid some people are OK with the amendments because they are tired of the struggle and they naively think voting YES means stability and back to normal life. What they don't realize is, if they vote YES, we are giving the green light for a new era of dictatorship, only this time, we don't know who's leading.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this nuisance called Amr Moussa! Moussa, who literally, did nothing for the revolution; who blindly supported the Mubarak regime, and who has never stood up with Arabs as Arab League Secretary General. Yet, he has the audacity to announce plans to run for presidency! What's worse? some Egyptians like him! I'm baffled by this. How are people so blind to his multiple flaws and weaknesses??

So, you see, there's been a lot on my mind and a whole lot of issues I've been contemplating and trying to resolve. But with the news of State Security's finale today, at least there's hope.

I have great respect for our new PM and I trust him to do the right thing. His cabinet has been working real hard and they're facing lots of challenges, so let's give them credit for doing what they're doing.

I don't however, share the same feelings towards our dear army. Day after day, I am losing faith in the army and they're starting to scare me big time!!! Now this is sad for me because my father is a former army general and I've always had great respect for military people. At least for those from my father's generation. That's because of dad's stories and experiences in the military and from meeting all his other military friends.

But what we're witnessing today in the form of army brutality, humiliation and dictatorship goes against the values of a respectable army. How can a soldier who is trained to defend his country and people jump on another human being, hit him with a whip or torture him with a Taser? How can an army person humiliate women with foul language and slaps on the face?

I hope our military realizes what they're doing is dangerous and try to do the right thing, because I know I'm not the only one who's losing faith in our army!


  1. I think it is really obvious the Army is not going to just decide to "do the right thing."

    I don't know what the answers are, yet.

    I think someone should look into reporting them to International Human Rights organisations and courts.

    The one good thing is that they are funded by the USA. At least, it would be a good thing, if we could believe the USA would cut their funding and maybe even intervene. (Something which, historically, has never been a good idea.)

    There has to be a path between what is happening in Libya, and just laying down and giving up.

    With God, all things are possible.

    I am Egyptian and I love Egypt with an unbearable passion. Tahrir must win.

    Tahrir and the spirit of Tahrir, belong to God and to the real world. It was so powerful, because it was so real.

    The Army and the regime belong to the illusions of the world, hideous and dangerous illusions, but illusions nonetheless. The human spirit cannot be contained in that way. It refuses. The Spirit of God cannot be contained in that way. He refuses.

    It is not that God is with us, or that we are 'more right.'

    In the end, it simply comes down to the true nature of reality. God knows no limit. No limit of power, no limit of imagination, no limit of freedom. And that is why we will win.

    The army punishes bodies. That is insanity. And they keep doing it. It does not work. No one changes their beliefs because of it, yet they keep on doing it. That is insanity. And insanity is not truth, not reality, and it is not power.

    If I were to truly share what I believe... I would say, each and every one of us must learn to reach deep in to our own minds, to the place where only we and God exist. That place where peace, and inspiration and miracles come from.

    The place, most people, and especially people like the Egyptian Army, do not believe in, because they do not know God. They do not have the faith, the will or the imagination to go there and gather strength and peace and inspiration from God. But we do. We do.

    That is the true nature of the spirit of Tahrir. The love of ones' brothers, the sharing, the common goal, the tolerance, protection and high ideals all came from that place within us. A place that no Army could never dream of.

    And that is where their weakness lies. That is where their downfall lies.

    My beautiful, wonderful brothers and sisters. The whole power of the Universe resides in every single one of us. God' Light shines bright in us.

    As for 'them,' well, I almost feel sorry for them.

  2. Love it, Nahed... I share the same way of thinking and you know that :))